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Wolverine is a renowned brand that offers both safety and soft-toe boots. They are an American company that has improved customers’ work boot experience using contemporary design and modern, direct-attached construction.

But where are Wolverine boots made? Here, you’ll discover the answer to that question. Plus, you’ll learn about the history of the Wolverine brand, their prices, and where you can find these quality boots. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

The History Of Wolverine Brand

  1. A. Krause believed in the opportunity for business in the USA, so he founded Wolverine in Michigan 39 years before Danner boots were made. It all started in 1883 when he opened a small leather tannery with only a couple of employees. With uncompromising craftsmanship, they made work boots and gloves known for their durability and comfort.

Wolverine has been making around 300 boots per day in their new factory by 1903. In the same year, their successful business moved to Rockford, which is still their home today. After 40 years in business, Wolverine was still focusing on boots, which led to significant growth before the Great Depression. During the Great Depression, Wolverine didn’t fire any employees, whereas other companies were struggling to keep it up in the same way. 

Shortly after the 1930s, Wolverine created pigskin gloves, which have since become the industry norm for construction.

A person wearing pigskin gloves.

When using horse skin became more expensive and demanding in the 1950s, Wolverine developed a new technique and launched a new brand called Hush Puppies. In the 1960s, they were worn by one out of every ten Americans. And since the production couldn’t keep up with the demand, Wolverine opened a new factory in Canada.

Thirty years later, Wolverine research labs started to introduce breakthrough innovations, and Durashocks technology was one of them. Wolverine called it a comfort technique because it can absorb shock incredibly well and send the compressed energy back to the feet. This way, you feel much lighter and can work longer with extra comfort.

Where Are Wolverine Boots Made?

Wolverine’s initial manufacturing started in Michigan, and some models are manufactured there even today. It’s based out of the cooperate offices in Waltham and Rockford Michigan. Besides Michigan, Wolverine boots are also made in several other factories across the USA. The USA-made Wolverine boots include work boots, steel toe hiking boots, and 1000-mile boots.

However, the majority of their production is executed in the Asia-Pacific region and central and South America. They also have offices in the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, and Germany, and the manufacturing of Wolverine boots in Europe is monitored by these offices.

The offices in China, India, Vietnam, and Thailand play this role in pacific Asia. They also have an office in Canada and footprints in 200 different countries.

Are Wolverine Boots Any Good?

Wolverine boots are famous for delivering high quality through their footwear. The brand is known for its exclusive technology called Durashocks. This technology uses direct-attach construction that boosts the boot’s durability. Thanks to Durashocks, you can stand on your feet for hours on end without feeling discomfort.

Most Wolverine boots provide extra cushioning, shock absorption, excellent grip, and stabilizing suspension, making them perfect for anyone who works on heavy tasks. In addition, most Wolverine boot soles are attached to the uppers while they are still in a liquid form. As a result, they attach to the uppers without stitches, creating extremely durable boots for various working and weather conditions.

Since the boot construction is highly resilient and can combine with different sole materials, such as rubber and polyurethane, Wolverine boots can withstand difficult industrial environments.

Wolverine offers various boot styles, including oxfords, hikers, Wellingtons, and casual styles, but the most famous ones are safety-toe and soft-toe work boots. Their technique of making boots remains unchanged since 1914 when they made their first original boots.

All in all, Wolverine offers premium work boots for both women and men. That’s why it’s considered one of the best work footwear brands in the world.

How Much Do Wolverine Boots Cost?

Wolverine boots’ prices vary from $85 to $200 in almost all categories. The exception is the 1000-mile line with price tags of $300 to $400, which is relatively higher than other work boots on the market. However, if you want a pair of highly resilient work boots for daily wear, 1000-mile boots may be worth the price.

Our Top Picks

Below are our tops picks from Wolverine work boots. Note that these are all made of leather. So, if you choose to buy leather boots, you might want to learn how to strech leather boots to make them more comfortable and flexible.

Wolverine Men's Overpass Work Boot

The Wolverine Overpass features Contour Welt technology, offering superior comfort and flexibility. Besides that, this boot has a lightweight rubber lug outsole and shock absorption to keep you heavy on protection and light on your feet.

Overpass is made of premium waterproof leather and moisture-wicking lining mesh to keep your feet dry and cool at the same time. Removable OrthoLite cushioning footbed and advanced PU midsole will keep you comfortable all day long, while the composite toe protects your feet from impact and compression.

Wolverine Men's Floorhand Wellington Work Boot

The Floorhand wellingtons will make your day easier due to their easy on and off access and moisture-wicking mesh lining. Waterproof full-grain leather upper will keep your feet dry while looking incredibly stylish. Let’s not forget about the removable full-cushion footbed that offers the ultimate comfort.

Floorhand boots feature a lightweight cement construction that’s easy on your feet without sacrificing durability. Moreover, they have rubber outsoles that deliver outstanding traction on challenging terrain and nylon shank for added stability.

Wolverine Men's Cabor Wellington Work Boot

Cabor is a premium slip-on work boot that keeps your feet dry in the wettest conditions and fights fatigue regardless of how long you need to work. This waterproof boot features a composite toe for protection, mesh lining for breathability, and a specialized EPX ribbed, cushioned footbed for energy return and lasting comfort.

Cabor has a slip-resistant outsole, keeping you on your feet on various surfaces. Nylon shanks add stability, while the PU midsole provides extra durability and protection.

Wolverine Men's Chainhand Work Boot

Chainhand is a classic work boot with Wolverine’s signature EPX technology, returning energy with each step. Waterproof construction keeps your feet dry, while mesh lining lets enough air in to keep them cool. 

This boot also features an advanced PU midsole for added comfort and a nylon shank for stability. On top of that, its slip-resistant PU outsole grips the ground keeping you on your feet on various terrains.

Where Can I Buy Wolverine Boots?

After reading this article, you learn where Wolverine boots are made and something about the history of this renowned brand. And now that you have this info and several picks we made for you, you can choose the ideal pair of Wolverine boots for you or your loved ones.

There are brick-and-mortar shops where you can go and buy Wolverine shoes and boots, but it's much easier to order them online. Just make sure to know your size, browse our collection of Wolverine boots, and find your perfect pair!