Use a Blow Dryer On Shoes for Men or Women

Comfortable leather boots are a life-saver for working men and women who wear them a lot. However, sometimes you find boots that have the performance you want, are the right style and price, but wearing them seems a bit off. In such cases, shopping for new boots is unnecessary, as there are many tips on how to stretch leather boots to have them fit perfectly.

Don’t force yourself to wear uncomfortable boots. It may seem like no big deal in the beginning, but the longer you wear them, the worse it gets. When your job or hobby entails spending a lot of time on your feet, comfort is not a luxury, but a necessity. Of course, if the boots are truly too small, you should exchange them or get a new pair. But if the size difference is small, here is how you can stretch leather boots.

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Prepare Your Leather Boots 

Before you try to stretch leather boots you should prepare them first. It will make the whole process easier and more effective - the leather will be softer and more pliable. However, you should only do this with genuine leather boots, as synthetic materials could get stained or damaged, so don’t use this method on running shoes or similar footwear.

In general, the best choice is to shop for high-quality leather shoes or boots, even if they cost a little bit more. They are more durable and comfortable, protect your feet better than regular shoes, and you don’t need much fashion advice for wearing them. Get some leather logger boots for men or women, combine them with jeans and leather jackets, and you're good to go.

Use Oil or Spray To Stretch Leather Boots 

Use Oil or Spray To Stretch Leather Boots

You can shop for oil conditioner or leather stretch spray almost anywhere – the shoe shop where you bought your leather boots or any supermarket will have them in stock. The performance will somewhat vary between the oil and the spray, but both will get the job done.

When you are using the spray, read the information on the instructions carefully. Some sprays are applied on the outside, while some on the inside of shoes. Just spray a bit and let it soak for about 30 seconds to 1 minute before you put them on. You can even stretch leather boots with a home-made solution, based on alcohol and water. However, it is best not to do this if you aren’t sure what you are doing.

The other way to soften the leather is to use an oil conditioner. Put a little on a dry cloth, about a dime-sized ring will do, and apply it to the outside of your shoe. If you notice any excess oil, use another cloth to wipe it off. Let the oil soak for a bit and you are ready to stretch your leather shoes or boots.


Use a Blow Dryer On Shoes for Men or Women 

Use a Blow Dryer On Shoes for Men or Women

One of the other ways to prepare boots for stretching is to use a blow dryer on them. The heat will soften the leather, allowing it to expand and mold to your foot. Use the blow dryer from about 5 inches away for around 30 seconds on the parts that cause you the most trouble when you wear the shoes, before you put them on. You can repeat this method until you find the perfect fit.


How To Stretch Leather Boots Naturally? 

A good boot or shoe will expand naturally over time, but there are certain things you can do to expedite the process, without feeling discomfort while wearing them. You can use the above-mentioned ways of softening the leather, but other than that, you don’t have to shop for anything else. Every article you need you have at home.

Wear Them With Thick Socks

If you are wondering how to stretch boots without actually doing anything, this is the best tip for you. Put on a pair or two of thick socks and wear your boots or shoes around the house for a couple of hours.

Get some takeaway and watch TV. The leather will naturally expand, but you won’t be walking around enough to make your feet hurt. If you are into fashion, put on some jeans and your new cowboy boots, and test out how they go with your leather jackets. The only goal is to wear them around the house.


Put Them On In Short Intervals 

Of course, you can also wear your boots or shoes outside, but try not to take them to work in the first few days. We doubt you want your feet to hurt because of a new shoe, so why do it to yourself? Wear them to a shop or bar until they expand enough to be comfortable. Two, three-hour stretches for a few days should be enough.


Tips To Stretch Your Boots Without Wearing Them 

You don’t even have to worry about how to stretch boots while wearing them - you can simply do it at home. Take note that this will expand the leather, but won’t allow it to mold based on your exact size and shape; but, you can even out the kinks once you start properly using them.


Shop for a Boot Stretcher for Better Performance 

Your best bet is to shop for a boot stretcher. You can find it almost anywhere – most shoe shops should have it in stock. If not, you can always search for information online. They are very intuitive to use.

Place it inside the boot or shoe and rotate the handle so that it expands until it fits snuggly. Leave it in for about 8 hours and check if you like the fit. If you don’t, simply repeat the process. However, be careful you don’t leave the stretcher in too long. It could expand you boots too much.


Fill the Boots With Newspaper 

Fill the Boots With Newspaper

One of the simplest tips for how to stretch leather boots is to fill them with newspapers (or any other material that you can stuff). If you have no intention of shopping for a boot stretcher, this will do the job. It may not be the best method, but it is the cheapest. It will take a bit longer than if you used a stretcher, but if you have the time, go for it.


Comfort Is Essential

We would like to reiterate that comfortable boots are essential. When you are hunting, fishing, or working in boots that are too tight, you will not only feel bad, they can also cause long-term health issues. Stretch your boots until they are the way you like them. You will be more energetic and have a better time, no matter what you are doing.

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