Carhartt Boots

Carhartt boots have long been a staple of the American working man, but as newer brands have recently gained in popularity they often get overlooked, and unjustly so. Carhartt produces all kinds of quality footwear – from every type of safety toe work boot to stylish office brown oil tan leather boots. Their core products are workwear and gear.

Carhartt boots can stand toe to toe with the most popular brands and they give great value for the money you pay. As far as pricing goes, Carhartt work boots are never above the middle-of-the-pack. They are truly the working man’s boots. If you are looking for comfort, durability, and protection, without stressing your finances, Carhartt is the way to go.

Carhartt Boots Collection


The History of Carhartt Work Boots

The company was founded in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt in Dearborn, Michigan. It initially produced work clothes for manual laborers and quickly expanded its operations to produce workwear for railroad workers. Carhartt’s intention was to produce durable and affordable items for laborers, or, in the words of Hamilton Carhartt himself: "a square deal whether he works for me or buys from me."

During the Great Depression Carhartt was forced to downsize, but once again established itself during the Second World War. Over the decades, Carhartt has continued to produce workwear, evolving its processes as technology advanced. Today, they follow the same principles of quality and affordability, but integrate modern technologies. 

Besides steel toe boots they offer composite toe boots, integrate Rugged Flex and FastDry technologies, and everything else the modern working man demands. Their process may have changed, but their core has nottop-notch Carhartt men’s boots for low prices


Where Are Carhartt Boots Manufactured?

The company headquarters are still in Dearborn and the company is still run by the descendants of Hamilton Carhartt. To answer the question of who makes Carhartt boots, we need to dig a little deeper. Many of its products are still manufactured in the U.S.; they own manufacturing facilities in Tennessee and Kentucky. They also make an effort to use domestic suppliers.

Many Carhartt work boots are made in Mexico. All of Carhartt men’s products that are 100% manufactured in the U.S. have a “Made in the USA” logo. When they aren’t labeled this way, they are likely produced, at least partially, in Mexico. However, Carhartt requires its international suppliers to be Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production certified, so you can be sure of the quality you are getting.


Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP)

Carhartt WIP is a subdivision of the core company. It was founded in Europe in 1989 and produces streetwear versions of Carhartt’s original workwear. By 2020, WIP had expanded its trade and manufacturing globally.


Quality and Affordability

Regardless of where they are produced, Carhartt work boots don’t suffer in quality. Non-U.S. manufactures are required to have the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production certificates, guaranteeing comfort and durability. The Carhartt safety toe boot you buy will be just as good if it were produced in Mexico or the U.S.

Carhartt Boots Collection