Waterproof Boots for Men

Late fall and winter bring overcast skies, dreary weather, and a lethargic atmosphere. Yet, every person knows the value of spending time outside, especially outdoorsmen. Even when you’re not feeling up to it, you need to force yourself out from your comfy home and walk out the door. However, without the proper footwear, your feet are likely to get soaked and there is not a single person who likes that feeling. Don't allow bad footwear to zap your motivation.

Everyone who spends a lot of time outside has been victimized by leaky shoes and soaked feet. They can deter even the most avid hunters and fishermen from enjoying their hobbies – but at least they can end their trip at any point. If you work in construction or any outdoor job, you are forced to spend the whole day in wet socks. That is why you should always choose to purchase the best waterproof boots, even if they cost a bit more. A few more dollars for dry feet is a low price to pay.


Waterproof Work Boots Collection


The Difference between Water-Resistant and Waterproof Boots

Water-resistant and waterproof are similar terms and people often use them interchangeably, but they are not the same. This misunderstanding sometimes extends to brands, too. Yet, the contrast between water-resistant and waterproof boots can be the difference between catching frostbite and having your feet nice and comfy.

In essence, they signify the degree to which water can penetrate the product and how fast it will happen. It is based on the density of the material the boots are made out of. You can easily find leather boots that are waterproof, water-resistant, or offer no protection at all. Water-resistant boots and shoes for men will keep the water at bay for some time, but won’t be able to handle extreme downpours, wading through rivers or deep snow for a long time.

Waterproof simply means that your boots or shoes can resist water for longer. You will not be able to stand in a stream indefinitely without your feet soaking, but you should be able to cross it without any problems. The problem is that there is no exact industry standard for what signifies water-resistant or waterproof boots for men; instead, each company has its internal standard.

What is Water-Repellent?

Water-repellent refers to the outer coating on your boots. So, it has nothing to do with the material itself. It is used to have your boots resist water for longer and will eventually wear out. You can treat your waterproof boots with a water-repellent coating anytime you wish for added protection. If you are anticipating a long and wet trip, treating your footwear beforehand is the best option.

What You Should Look For When Buying Classic Leather or Rubber Boots for Men

There are 4 things you should always consider before buying footwear: the comfort level, the degree of protection they offer, whether they fit your personal style, and, of course, the price. The comfort and protection of boots is especially important if your work or hobby has you standing outside for long stretches of time. Walking through a forest with blistering feet and wet socks is not a prospect anyone cherishes.

Whether you find certain boots stylish or not is entirely your preference, if style even factors into your choice. You may prefer a classic style or a more modern-looking leather boot. Alternatively, you may prefer knee-high rubber boots. As far as style goes, the selection is so wide that you can surely buy something that suits you. LaCrosse boots has a selection of top-notch water-resistant and waterproof boots where you can’t make a wrong choice. However, we have singled-out 5 men’s boots for your convenience.

Realtree Xtra Green Snake Boots For Men


We’ll start off our list with the Realtree Xtra Green Snake Boots. These rubber boots are designed for men whose sole focus is getting the job done. They have everything you need and nothing you don’t. The waterproof lining will keep your feet dry whether you are stalking elk in mud and snow, or crossing a stream to get to the next location. These boots are the definition of beauty in simplicity.

They are as comfortable as they are durable – and with a fiberglass shank and snake protection, they are quite durable. The sole is specifically designed for good traction in mud and snow. You won’t make a wrong choice if you pick these waterproof boots (nor will you pay too much, either). The Realtree Xtra Green Snake Boots are made for a serious hunter who doesn’t want to drop serious cash for premium waterproof boots.

Windrose Hunting Boot

This all-purpose men’s hunting boot is designed to be worn in any season. Its style is reminiscent of athletic shoes and that is exactly how it feels. The leather and textile upper, combined with a lightweight platform make these waterproof boots the best choice for prolonged hunts. They are equipped with Thinsulate insulation, making them just as reliable for spring hunting as they are for late-season hunts.

The Durafeel heel cup lock and windrose outsole will give you stable footing on uneven ground. They don’t come with a safety toe, which makes them lighter, but offers less protection from a heavy object falling on your feet. Keep this in mind if you consider purchasing a pair and work in construction. You can buy a pair here.

Men's Aero Insulator


The Aero Insulator is more stylish than classic rubber boots for men, but don’t let this fool you, they will offer you as much protection as any other waterproof boots that are out there. They are intentionally designed to be lightweight and flexible, in order to offer better performances in the field than more bulky work boots. For added protection, they come equipped with a composite safety toe.

As they are made from the same materials that are used to insulate freezers and refrigerators, this boot will keep your warm anywhere but the Arctic. If you are looking for a work boot that will allow you to dredge through deep snow while staying warm and without getting your feet wet, the Aero Insulator should be your choice of footwear. You can purchase a pair here.

Atlas Hunt Boot

The Atlas is another hunting boot for men that has a similar style to athletic shoes. While it has a soft toe, it is made from molded rubber, offering you more protection than standard soft toes. The DuraFit rubber heel cup and LXG outsole will allow you extra traction on wet or dry ground.

If durability is your game, the Atlas should be your choice of footwear. The nubuck leather upper and Dry-Core lining will prevent water from seeping in, while allowing your feet to breathe. These waterproof boots are designed for day-long comfort. Check them out for yourself and buy a pair here.

AeroHead Sport For Men


The AeroHead Sport lives up to its name and will keep you light on your feet. Instead of the classic rubber shell, they are made from lightweight and durable polyurethane. They are designed to be more comfortable than standard work boots for men, but without lessening any protections. The AeroHead Sports are still 100% waterproof boots.

These boots can be worn in any terrain, but the sole is designed to offer the best traction on muddy ground and snow. The abrasion-resistant shin guard and Brush Tuff material will protect you from any brush or briars you may come across on your walks. Whether you are going fishing, hunting, or hiking, the AeroSport waterproof boots offer you heavyweight protection combined with lightweight comfort. You can purchase a pair here.

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