Ankle Boots to Work

As summer ends and the temperatures start dipping, you might want to exchange your shoes for something warmer. However, you might be wondering how to wear ankle boots to work and still look presentable. The way we dress affects the impression we make on our co-workers, and that includes footwear.

Ankle boots are an excellent choice to wear to work as they come in a variety of types and styles. The ankle boots your wear will depend on your personal style and the conditions of your workplace, but there is still some general advice that should be followed. 

What You Should Look For in Ankle Boots 

Like most footwear, when you are picking out the boots to wear to work you should consider their comfort, style, and the protection they offer. Advice on how to wear ankle boots to work only applies once you have decided on which pair you will wear.


No matter your workplace, you should always have comfort in mind. Regardless of whether you are working in an office or construction site, you will be wearing your work boots throughout the day. Comfortable boots will help you remain productive and prevent any lingering injuries or long-term fatigue.


The style of your boots will depend on your personal style and your work environment. If you are working in an office, you may opt for a type of men’s fashion work boots or pointy toe women’s ankle boots, while outdoor work which includes a lot of walking may require sturdier models.


While comfort and style may be important to you, you should never forget that you are wearing work boots. No matter what, they need to protect your feet from the hazards of your workplace. 

You need to decide on whether your job requires you to have steel or soft toes, insulation, slip or oil resistance, etc., and only then should you start thinking on how to wear ankle boots to work and what outfits they go with.

How to Wear Work Boots With Jeans 

Jeans are excellent all-around pants that work with almost anything, including ankle boots. With the same jeans and boots you can pull off an office-casual or oil-rig-worker look. Put on a blazer or jacket with a plain t-shirt underneath and you’re management material.

Remove the blazer or jacket and you won’t be out of place at a construction site. Besides the colors matching, you don’t need to worry about the type of jeans to wear with boots. There is a reason people don’t worry too much about how to wear work boots with jeans

Tight-Fitting Jeans to Wear with Boots 

Tight-fitting and skinny jeans give you a few more options to combine with ankle boots. You can wear the jeans regularly on the outside, or you can tuck them into your work boots. They won’t bulge and can give you a more fashionable look. 

How to Wear Ankle Boots to Work With Office Pants 

Office pants are usually more formal, so they require matching boots. Still, they are usually not hard to match, as most modern ankle boots fit with anything, if you wear them right. You can choose a fashionable pointy toe boot, but regular ankle boots work too.

Straight-Leg Office Pants 

If you decide to wear ankle boots with straight-leg office pants you should keep a few things in mind, namely the hem and whether you will wear them tucked or untucked. Of course, you should also keep in mind the color scheme.

Short Hem 

Generally, you should always choose straight-leg pants with a short hem when deciding on how to wear ankle boots to work. These types of pants usually don’t have wide leg openings, so the pants will not fall over the entire boot.

If you don’t choose a short hem, the pants will bunch around the boot. With a short hem, they will fall somewhere around your ankles. The material won’t wrinkle and the combination will give you a fashionable look.


If you wear ankle boots with standard straight-leg pants, make sure to always keep them untucked. Otherwise, the material will wrinkle and bulge around the ankles, much like if the hem is too long.

Tight-Fitting Office Pants 

Tight-fitting work pants have been gaining in popularity in recent years. They provide a modern and stylish look, while still being professional. Additionally, you can pool off a few more looks. 

Short Hem 

Similarly to straight-leg pants, go for a shorter hem if you wear them with ankle boots, in order to prevent wrinkling. Tight pants will have an even lesser chance of covering the entire boot, so a short hem will have them fit perfectly around the ankle.

Tucked and Untucked

Unlike straight-leg pants, tighter pants can be worn both tucked and untucked. Due to their fit, the material won’t bulge and wrinkle if you tuck them into your ankle boots. Regardless of whether you are wearing men’s or women’s ankle boots, the tucked-in look works.

Models To Wear to Any Workplace 

Your work setting will determine the boots you wear, but there are some models that are so universal that they fit anywhere and you don’t need to worry about feeling out of place wearing them.

CAT Women's Freedom Pull On Work Boot

The Women’s Freedom Pull Ons are the type of women’s ankle boots you can wear anywhere, without having to worry about comfort or style, or what pants or jeans to wear with the boots. While wearing them you will fit in perfectly at an office party or camping trip.

The full-grain leather upper will keep your feet dry, while the nylon mesh lining lets your feet breathe. The steel toe offers additional protection from physical injuries and the design of the boots makes it indistinguishable. Try them on with pants or jeans and see for yourself how well they fit.

Timberland PRO Men's Magnus Work Boot

With the Timberland PRO Magnus ankle boots you can pull off a formal look with a jacket and tight-fitting, tucked in pants, but they are ideally suited for an office-casual or just casual look. Choose any design or cut of jeans and don’t give any thought to how to wear work boots with jeans – the designers took care of it for you.

The steel toe will prevent injuries, while the steel shank provides comfort and support. They are slip-, oil-, and abrasion-resistant, so you can wear them to any but the most dangerous of workplaces. Order your pair here and see how well they fit. 

Georgia Women's Giant Work Boot

The full-grain leather and the design of Georgia Women’s Giant ankle boots make them appropriate for all but the most formal of workplaces. Wear them with jeans or office pants, tucked or untucked, however you feel most comfortable.

The steel shank will provide arch support, while the steel toe prevents injuries. The outsole is abrasion-, oil-, and slip-resistant, so you know that you can wear them to any workplace and feel safe. Most styles go well with them, but we recommend you try them out with faded skinny jeans and a blazer.

Georgia Men's Eagle One Work Boot

The Georgia Men’s Eagle One is the perfect example of when you don’t have to think about how to wear work boots with jeans or pants – they fit well with any combination. Casual, semi-casual, or formal, with these ankle boots you can pull it off.

They have a soft toe, so you might not want to wear them if there is a danger of heavy objects falling on your feet and causing injury at your workplace. Other than that, they are waterproof and heat-, abrasion-, oil-, and slip-resistant, so they should provide adequate protection for almost any situation. Order your pair here.