Cold Weather Hunting Boots

There are few things in life as pleasant as trekking through nature in search of a game. That feeling of competence and practicality you get is hard to replicate anywhere else, especially in modern times. Only hunting provides that sense of accomplishment when you are fully in tune with the primal man inside. However, unlike our ancestors, you can equip yourself with a pair of the best cold weather hunting boots from our collection, so you don’t have to experience any of the unpleasantness of primal hunting.

Find the Warmest Hunting Boots for Men

Shivering in the cold is not something anyone wishes and it starts from your feet. You can deal with a little chill up top, but you know full well that frozen feet can quickly ruin a hunting trip. Having proper cold weather hunting gear can make or break your trip, so finding the best hunting boots for men should be your top priority. 

A few dollars more than you would usually pay should not be a deal-breaker, unless you want to be cursing yourself in the middle of a hunting trip when your feet are cold and your entire body feels like it’s freezing. You are investing in yourself, so buy the boots that best suit your needs.

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Which Features Should the Best Cold Weather Hunting Boots Have?

When you are looking for the warmest hunting boots, make sure they are also tough and durable. There are other features you can pick and choose from, but cold weather hunting boots must be insulated and waterproof/water-resistant. Other than that, they should feel comfortable and offer good traction. The safety toe box is less important, unless you feel your toes need special protection. Let’s quickly go over what you should look for.


The boots you wear for cold weather hunting must be insulated, it’s as simple as that. If any group of men like cold feet, stay clear of them. Insulation primarily depends on the type of material the boots are made of and the lining. Good quality leather or rubber is the first point of defense, then comes the lining.

Lining serves a dual purpose. It warms your feet, but it should also provide comfort. The best hunting boots have lining made by employing the latest technologies – they let your feet breathe while keeping you warm. The build-up of sweat and moisture (and the accompanying odors) can seriously impact your comfort level. Not to mention that it can cause unwanted health problems.

Water-resistant or Waterproof

It is quite obvious that the best cold weather hunting boots need to be waterproof or water-resistant. Whether it’s snow, puddles, or streams, you’re going to walk through something that tries to soak your feet. However, most men don’t know that there is a difference between waterproof and water-resistant boots.

The difference lies in the degree of protection – waterproof boots offer more protection. At some point, any pair of boots is going to start leaking water, but waterproof boots will hold out longer. Unfortunately, there is no set industry standard that differentiates waterproof from water-resistant, so each company makes its own classification. This is why your best bet is getting a waterproof pair.


Hunting trips are long and you will likely be walking a good distance, which is why you should never disregard the comfort of your feet. Comfort heavily depends on getting a properly sized boot, which is on you. Other than that, having modern lining (as we have discussed previously) and the material itself is equally important. 

Good quality leather or rubber should be durable enough so that the boots last more than a few seasons, but it should also be supple enough that it partially molds to your feet. Naturally, with wear your boots will become comfortable, so even if they don’t fit perfectly on your first trip, they should get better over time.


Comfort is important, but so is safety. Nobody wants to sprain an ankle in the middle of the woods and limp miles back to camp. That is why you should look for hunting boots for men that have an outsole specifically designed to offer good traction on snow and mud. Finding the right type of outsole is not hard if you look for it.

Safety Toe Type

For hunting, the safety toe is not that important, as you don’t expect heavy things to fall on your feet and hurt them. However, you should remember that steel toes (while the material does provide the most impact protection) quickly get cold and weight the most.

For cold weather hunting trips, your best bet would be boots with toes made of a composite material, or no safety toe at all. They will be lighter than cold weather hunting boots with a steel toe and won’t get cold. Ultimately, this is what you want your boots to provide – durability and warmth. 

What Are the Best Hunting Boots for Men? 

As with most subjective things, there is no one pair of boots that could be considered the best. They serve different purposes, so you can look for the boots that are best for you. You should make your choice based on the features we discussed, the price, and the style. You can browse our entire collection, or take a look at these 5 pairs we have picked out.

Rocky Men’s Sport Utility

First off, the Sport utility is insulated (1000G) and waterproof, so you have the bases covered. It is made from full-grain leather and nylon, guaranteeing durability. The Sport Utility is as close to an athletic shoe as you will find – it will allow you to walk for miles before your feet get sore. The outsole is specifically designed for good traction. With the stylish mossy oak pattern, this book can be your all-around boot for any trip.

LaCrosse Men’s Rubber Alphaburly Pro

These rubber boots are waterproof, insulated, and 18 inches high. No matter how hard you look, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more durable pair. The cushioning EVA midsole and the embossed liner will make your feet as comfortable as possible. The outsole is designed for superb traction or rough terrain. Equipped with the Alphaburly’s, you won’t fear snow, hail, or sleet. The insulation is at 800G, so the Arctic may be a problem, but other than that, you’re safe.

LaCross Men’s Rubber Alpha Agility

The boots are similar to the previous pair, but with even more insulation. They stand at 17 inches high but have an insulation rating of 1200G. They are just as lightweight and flexible as the previous pair and come equipped with a quick-drying and moisture-wicking liner. They are fully waterproof and will get you where you need to go, no matter the weather.

Danner Men’s Pronghorn

As with all of the cold weather hunting boots we have picked out, the Pronghorn’s are insulated (at 1200G) and waterproof. They are one of the cornerstones of the Danner hunting line. This is the fifth generation, with all of the benefits of the previous ones, and some additional ones to boot. They are made from full-grain leather and include the breathable GORE-TEX liner, and come equipped with an outsole that is made for diverse terrain types. The Pronghorn’s are the pinnacle of the Danner design.

Rocky Men’s Arctic Bear Claw

We couldn’t end our list without including the Arctic Bear Claw. Naturally, they are waterproof and insulated, but, as the name suggests, they are meant for the coldest conditions. Their insulation comes at 1400G. For many, these are the cold weather hunting boots. Moreover, the full-grain leather and nylon material won’t just keep you warm in freezing temperatures, they’ll provide you the comfort to go on days-long trips without any issue.

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