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Since its founding in 1897 in the eponymous city of La Crosse, Wisconsin, LaCrosse has been producing high-quality rubber and leather footwear for outdoor use. With more than a century of bootmaking experience under their belts and a steady stream of fresh kicks hitting the shelves, it's no wonder picking the perfect pair can feel like a bit of a challenge.

We've done the legwork for you. We've handpicked five stellar models from our collection for our LaCrosse boots reviews. From rugged workhorses to outdoor companions, there's bound to be a pair that ticks all your boxes for 2024.

Lacrosse Boots Collection.


Where Are LaCrosse Boots Made?

LaCrosse Footwear is a well-known American boot manufacturer initially headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin, but the company later relocated to Portland, Oregon. LaCrosse has a rich history, having produced rubber horseshoes and fulfilling government contracts during World War II. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship and value has been consistent since the beginning.

Historically, LaCrosse Footwear manufactured its products in company-owned factories in the USA. Around the early 2000s, LaCrosse began outsourcing its production. By 2002, approximately 70% of their products were made by third parties, primarily located in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Despite this, LaCrosse still maintains two factories in the USA, based in Portland and New Hampshire, accounting for nearly 30% of their overall production. If you’re specifically looking for American-made boots, consider checking out brands such as Danner, which are proudly made in the USA and known for their quality construction.

Are LaCrosse Boots Good?

Ah, the million-dollar question. While LaCrosse boots might not be 100% USA-made, don't let that steer you away – they still pack a punch in terms of quality and performance. If you're considering picking up a reliable pair of boots, you're definitely on the right track. Now, when it comes to comfort, a good pair of Lacrosse boots can really hit the mark. First off, having a comfortable boot is key, right? LaCrosse boots often excel in this department.

They're designed with features like cushioned insoles and supportive midsoles that make them a dream to wear, whether you're trekking through the wilderness or just navigating your everyday work terrain. But let's not overlook durability. Lacrosse boots are built tough and crafted with high-quality materials that can stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

So whether you're trudging through mud, slush, or rocky terrain, your pair of Lacrosse boots should have your back. And let's be real, we all want to look good, even in our outdoor gear. LaCrosse boots come in a variety of styles, from classic to more modern designs, so you can find a pair that not only feels great but looks great, too.

So, are Lacrosse boots good? Absolutely. They're durable, quality boots that can seriously up your boot game. From cold weather boots for winter and fishing boots to dedicated hiking boots and non-insulated boots for warmer weather, there's something for eveyone.

What Our LaCrosse Boots Reviews Include

We will base our LaCrosse boots reviews on a few factors: the materials the boots are made of, the safety features, water resistance and insulation, the price, and any unique features the boots may have. We won’t be discussing style much, as it always comes down to your personal preference, so there is no reason to get into it.

We should note that when you are looking for the best work boots, you shouldn’t be asking the question: What are the best LaCrosse work boots? but what are the best LaCrosse work boots for you? The features you need in warm-weather work boots are not the same features you want in cold-weather hunting boots, so your choice should be based on the situation in which you will wear them.


LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18’’


We will start off our LaCrosse boots reviews with their premium hunting boot. The LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro is designed for day-long outdoor use in wet and cold weather. It is a sturdy neoprene hunting boot that combines durability with comfort. 

Are LaCrosse hunting boots worth it? While we can't vouch for every single pair out there, this particular model definitely deserves a spot on your radar.


The Alphaburly is a nice boot made of natural rubber over insulated neoprene. These materials allow them to be relatively lightweight and flexible but still durable. The neoprene gusset accommodates any size calf for a perfect boot fit, adding to the versatility and comfort of the boots. The liner will wick away moisture and allow air circulation, keeping your feet from sweating excessively and helping keep you comfortable during a long day’s hunting trip.

Safety Features

These rubber knee boots come with no special safety toe, which is what allows for their light weight, but that doesn’t make them a good choice if there is a high chance of objects falling on your toes and injuring you. So, if you're looking for protective boots, scroll down to our other LaCrosse boots reviews. 

The Burly Pro outsole is designed to offer excellent traction in wet and muddy terrain, and it allows you to shed muck and mud as you walk, helping you stay light on your feet - ideal for deer hunting season!

Water-Resistance and Insulation

LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18’’

The Alphaburlys are fully waterproof, and as they stand 18 inches high, there is no amount of water that you need to fear. With 800G of insulation, they are some of the warmest boots around that will keep your feet warm in minus-degree weather – basically anything but the harshest conditions. 

Plus, built with waterfowlers in mind, the Realtree MAX-5 camo pattern is strategically designed to blend into marshes, open fields, and flooded timber.


  • Lightweight boots that provide absolute comfort and durability good for day-long use
  • Waterproof and insulated, excellent for cold-weather hunting
  • Very good traction in wet and slippery terrain


  • Middle of the pack price range for LaCrosse rubber boots
  • No protective toe, thus not intended for construction or similar work
  • The 800G of insulation can make your feet sweat if worn in warm weather


    LaCrosse Men’s Alpha Thermal 16’’

    If you're wondering, "Are LaCrosse boots good for winter?" these babies definitely are. As the name implies, the Alpha Thermal is a tried-and-true winter boot. These rubber boots allow you to trudge along in any winter conditions – be it snow, ice, or sleet. 

    Whether your job takes you outside or you simply like to spend your time outdoors, the Alpha Thermals are an excellent choice. 


    These boots are made of natural rubber over insulated neoprene, with fleece lining for additional insulation and incredible comfort. The neoprene gusset and active fit design will keep your feet comfortable and allow you to take them on and off easily.

    Safety Features

    These work boots come equipped with a composite toe – while not offering as much protection as a steel toe, they weigh less and don’t transfer heat, making them more suitable for cold weather. The Antarctic outsole is specifically designed to provide the best traction on slippery winter terrain, thanks to the multi-dimensional lug aggressive tread pattern.

    Water-Resistance and Insulation

    The Alpha Thermals have 7mm of insulated neoprene and fleece lining, which will keep your feet warm at almost any temperature. These rubber-style boots are waterproof, but as they stand 16 inches high, very deep streams may be a problem to cross.


    • Exceptional insulated and waterproof winter work boot
    • The composite toe provides moderate impact protection while adding minimal weight
    • The Antarctic outsole is perfect for slippery terrain


    • Middle of the pack price range for LaCrosse boots
    • Can be uncomfortable if worn in warm weather conditions
    • At 16 inches, may not provide enough protection when crossing very deep streams

      LaCrosse Men’s Alpha Range 14”

      LaCrosse Alpha Range boots are meant for warmer weather (probably a no-go for the deer season), providing exceptional protection and cushiony comfort. These tall boots will keep your feet dry even when walking through shallow water.


      These waterproof boots combine premium ZXT rubber with neoprene to provide comfort and functionality at work. Thanks to that, they offer the required durability and flexibility when the temperature starts to rise. 

      They are built with more natural rubber than most other work boots, resisting ozone and tear year after year, while the neoprene gusset adjusts to various calf sizes, making it easy to slide the boot on and off.

      Safety Features

      LaCrosse Alpha Range boot features a composite toe, making it rugged yet lightweight enough to meet ASTM standards. More comfortable than steel and alloy toes, composite toes don’t conduct cold, heat, and electricity. Moreover, they feature Active fit, keeping your feet in place while on the move and going on and coming off easily.

      Water-resistance and Insulation

      These boots have a quick-drying and moisture-wicking jersey-knit liner, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Their versatile outsoles are built to shed the muck and mud, while their construction ensures they won’t ever separate from the boot. While waterproof, these boots aren’t insulated, making them ideal for warmer climates.


      • Tall and waterproof, allowing you to even walk through shallow water while keeping your feet dry.
      • The composite toe will protect you without sacrificing mobility.
      • Active Fit technology will keep your feet in place while on the move.


      • The high-end price range for LaCrosse boots
      • These boots aren’t insulated, meaning you can’t wear them when temperatures start to drop.
      • At 14 inches, they won’t protect you from deep water.

      LaCrosse Men's 4xAlpha 16”

      This hunting boot will keep you hidden from your prey in virtually any green habitat due to the Realtree Xtra Green pattern while keeping your feet warm and dry. Four layers of cushioning and support offer nothing less than an all-day comfort. We expect nothing less from a premium hunting boot that the LaCrosse 4xAlpha is.


      These hunting boots are built with premium, durable rubber, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Their full rubber gusset adjusts to different calf sizes, making it easy to slide the boots on and off, while neoprene provides warmth.

      Safety Features

      The 4xAlpha's 4xBurly outsole allows you to tread the most challenging terrain. Its high-grade rubber with angled lugs sheds mud and muck and provides exceptional traction on slippery surfaces. Moreover, Active Fit will keep your feet secure while on the move.

      Water-resistance and Insulation

      Apart from keeping your feet dry thanks to the waterproof lining, these rubber boots will keep them warm due to 3.5mm insulating neoprene. However, these boots may not be your best bet in the coldest of conditions.


      • Blending with green habitats
      • Durable and comfortable thanks to the quality materials
      • Insulated and waterproof


      • Not ideal for extreme cold
      • Not casual-looking, you will hardly use them for anything else except for work, hunting or other winter endeavors.
      • The plain toe won’t protect your feet from impact

          Lacrosse Women's Alpha Range 12”

          We'll finish our LaCrosse boots reviews with the cherry on top – a pair of women’s work boots. Ladies, the Alpha Range will keep you going for long hours without sacrificing comfort with a streamlined boot design made for warm weather, keeping your feet dry and cool.


          This boot is built with premium, natural rubber specially formulated to be tear- and ozone-resistant while keeping your feet dry. The Alpha Range offers durability, flexibility, and comfort while keeping you cool when temperatures start to rise due to the flexible neoprene. They dry fast and are easy to slide on and off.

          Safety Features

          These boots have soft toes, meaning they won’t protect you from impact. However, the Active Fit will keep your fit secure while on the move. Also, their outsole is great at shedding mud and muck, providing excellent traction in various terrains. So, you can forget about slipping and falling.

          Water-resistance and Insulation

          The Alpha Range isn’t insulated. That makes it ideal for warmer climates. However, it isn’t suitable for winter conditions. It features a quick-drying and moisture-wicking jersey knit liner, keeping your feet comfortable and dry.


          • Waterproof
          • Cooling effect
          • Durable and comfortable


          • No protective toe
          • At 12 inches, they may not be suitable for deep water
          • No insulation

          What Are the Best LaCrosse Boots?

          After checking out our LaCrosse boots reviews, it's pretty clear that there isn't a one-size-fits-all option. There is no such thing as the universally best LaCrosse boots or any other boot for that matter. It all comes down to finding the perfect pair that suits your needs and fits your budget. So, your choice will depend on the features you want and the conditions in which you will wear them.

          LaCrosse footwear offers a whole range of boots, from all-purpose wonders to specialized gems tailored for specific tasks. So, when you're making your pick, think about what you'll be using them for and how much you're willing to splurge.

          Whether you're trudging through muddy trails while hunting, trekking across snowy landscapes, or just need a sturdy work boot for everyday wear, there's a pair out there with your name on it. So, take your time, weigh your options, and choose the boots that are right for you.

          Do LaCrosse Boots Run Small?

          When it comes to the sizing of LCrosse Boots, there are some considerations to keep in mind when shopping. LaCrosse boots tend to have a roomy fit, especially in the toe box - this design allows for thicker socks or additional layers in cold weather. If you prefer a snugger fit, consider sizing down. However, if you do plan to wear thicker socks or need insulation for colder conditions, you may want to get a size larger than your normal shoe size. Particularly when it comes to insulated boots – they often require a bit more room. If you’re uncertain, feel free to use our boot sizing guide.

          LaCrosse offers half sizes, which can be helpful for achieving a better fit. If you’re typically between sizes, opt for the half size that aligns with your preference (e.g., if you’re usually a 9.5, go for a 9.5 rather than rounding up to 10). Also, pay attention to width options. LaCrosse provides both regular (D) and wide (EE) widths. If you have wider feet, choose the appropriate width to ensure comfort.

          Whenever possible, try on boots before purchasing. Walk around, bend your toes, and assess the fit. Remember that different boot models may fit differently. Check online LaCrosse Boots reviews for specific LaCrosse boot models. Other customers’ experiences can provide valuable insights into sizing and comfort.

          Done with the LaCrosse Boots Reviews? Get Your Pair Now

          As we wrap up our deep dive into 2024 LaCrosse boots reviews, it's clear that one of these boots could be your reliable companion. While some may have stood out for their rugged durability or cold-weather features, others might have impressed with their lightweight comfort. 

          It's okay if none of the reviewed models quite fit the bill – we all have unique requirements when it comes to footwear. If you're after something a bit different that's not on this list, our extensive boot selection beckons with even more options and brands to suit your needs.

          Happy boot hunting!

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