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Any good angler knows how important it is to have proper footwear while wading or sitting in a boat. It is more than just about comfort, safety, and other things we will talk about in this article. To put it quite simply, having a reliable pair of fishing boots will leave you focusing only on the bait. 

No matter the season, you want your head in the game. Knowing what to look for in boots will help you make better decisions when buying fishing boots, and there are a lot of features to keep track of.

Fishing Footwear Is Versatile

Although people tend to connect high-cut rubber boots with fishing, in this day and age, fishing footwear is much more versatile. Manufacturers are responding to many needs of anglers, and they offer a plethora of choices.

Albeit a good thing, this presents many anglers with a tough call - how to pick a good boot that fits their own specific needs. Some people angle from a boat, others do it standing on the shore. Some people live in an area with heavy rains, others are facing heat and swelter.

In any way, you must know the important features and pick the boot you need for the best angling experience you can have.

Six Features to Look for in Fishing Boots

We compiled a list of the six most important attributes of any fishing boot. However, there is no one boot to rule them all, so you must pick and choose the features you need and find the boot accordingly.

  1. Waterproofness or water-repellency

While wading around the shore, looking for the best fishing spot, you want to step into the water without fear of getting your feet wet. High-cut rubber boots should be your first choice. Choose a brand that sells high-quality waterproof rubber material and liners. It is a plus if they are coated in a water-repellency treatment for extra protection.

If you like to angle sitting in a boat, you might not need high-cut boots. What you do need is a pair of boots that will not collect the rain as it falls on top of you. Make sure you find low-cut rubber boots that fit well with your protective pants and that also have a proper water drainage system.

Come back home dry as a bone, even in the pouring rain. Water repellency will also help while stomping through the snow. However, in that case, regular waterproof boots might not be enough. More on that later.


  1. Comfort and weight

When it comes to the matter of comfort - you want to avoid cheap rubber material and deformable boots. The best pair of fishing boots is, above all, comfortable. You don't want your feet to hurt while trying to focus on angling.

Find fishing boots with cushioning for a stepping-on-a-cloud feel. Your boots should not be heavy and harsh on your lower back, find a lightweight pair and walk with ease through any surface. Additionally, you need footwear with proper arch support, especially if you plan to walk long distances.


  1. Safety and slip-resistance

When it comes to the safety of your fishing boots, your main goal should be to find a pair of slip-resistant shoes. You want to prevent slipping and falling down, not only because it is a mood killer, you could potentially get seriously hurt. 

A slip-resistant boot usually has a leveled toe spring and heel, as well as a flat arch and an optimized pattern for better liquid channeling. 

You can find footwear with protective pads around the toes, but most often, you don’t need that kind of protection in your fishing gear. Of course, it will depend on the terrain you find yourself fishing.


  1. Insulation

Angling in the cold can be challenging enough without your feet freezing. Fishing boots for snowy terrains must have insulation pads and cushioning for total protection from frostbites. This feature is totally necessary for areas with heavy snow and low temperatures. Regular rubber boots just won’t cut it.

Insulation will prevent the heat from your body from leaving, and it will keep your feet warm. Don’t forget to put on a pair of thermal socks and consider buying your boots half a size above what you usually wear, as thermal socks can be pretty thick.


  1. Easy clean

Another important feature of fishing boots is that they are easy to clean and drain. You don’t want to have to wait a few days before they are dry before you can wear them again. The easy-clean feature is usually easy to find in flat rubber boots.

You want to spend minimal time washing them, and you want them to be dry overnight. It is that simple and not too much to ask from your fishing boots.


  1. Breathability

Fishing footwear doesn’t have to be reduced to high-cut rubber boots. Anglers in certain warm areas need more breathability from their shoes. You can find lower-cut boots or even sneakers that offer an extra level of breathability.

Some anglers like to catch in their clogs, others like athletic leisure for arch support and lightweight feel. Sweaty feet have consequences, unpleasant smell is one of them. However, it also isn’t healthy to spend your time in unbreathable shoes.


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